Sunday Service 1/13/13

Sermon Text: Matthew 14:1-12
Scripture Reading: Psalm 113

1. Glorious Christ by Sovereign Grace Music
2. White Flag by Chris Tomlin, Passion
3. The Solid Rock by Edward Mote, William B. Bradbury
4. Here is Love by William Rees, Robert Lowry, Matt Redman


Sunday Service 1/6/13

Sermon Text: Galatians 2:17-20

Song List
1. Forever Reign by Reuben Morgan and Jason Ingram
2. How Marvelous (I Stand Amazed) by Charles H. Gabriel
3. In Christ Alone by Keith and Kristyn Getty
4. All To Us by Christ Tomlin

2013 Bible Reading Plans

This is the time of year that many think about making commitments to read the Bible more regularly in the coming year.  I highly encourage everyone who desires to radically follow Christ in 2013 to prayerfully consider ways to engage the Word of God more regularly.  One of the tools that many have found useful (including myself) is a Bible Reading Plan.  There are a myriad of plans available, and Justin Taylor just posted an article this week on the Gospel Coalition Blog giving lots of helpful advice about following a Bible reading plans, as well as several links to some great plans.  (see that article here)

Several years ago, I created my own Bible Reading Plan, and have been using it ever since.  Everyone needs to find a plan that will fit them, and since I didn’t find one, I created my own.  For those who are interested in it, you can find it on our website HERE

Here are the essentials of the Bible Reading Plan I created, and use:

1. It covers “about” 2 chapters a day 

2. it goes through a complete book of the Bible at a time (so you’re not jumping from book to book day after day).  When you start a book, you’ll stay in that book until you finish it.

3. it switches between OT books and NT books.  In other words, after you finish an OT book, then you’ll start reading through a NT book.

4. between books, you’ll spend a few (2 or 3) days in Psalms and Proverbs.  Some don’t like this but I like it for two reasons.  One, going through Psalms and Proverbs all at once is like drinking water out of a fire hydrant.  They were meant to be absorbed in shorter, more bite-sized sections.  Two, these days give me a moment to pause and reflect over the previous book, and spend time in private worship before moving into the next book.

5. It is a two-year plan.  In two years you will go through the NT (and Psalms and Proverbs) twice, and the OT (and Revelation) once.  Why?  Again, this is mainly just my personal Bible reading plan, and the NT books, and Psalms and Proverbs tend to be the ones that feed my faith the most and turn my affections toward Jesus the most.

If this plan works for you, great!  If one of the ones Justin Taylor suggests works for you, awesome!  If you want to try your hand at creating your own, fantastic!

My encouragement would just be to pick one, and start.  Don’t be legalistic.  If you miss a day, catch up if you can.  If you start to miss several days in a row, then just pick up where you should be on the day, and don’t fret the stuff you missed.  The key is not to complete a Bible Reading Plan, but to spend more time communing with Jesus.  So, use it as a tool to help you in that regard, but extend yourself some grace when you get behind (like I always do).

Let me know what has or has not worked for you…and feel free to share some stories about Bible reading in general and Bible Reading Plans in particular that might be helpful to others.


True Peace On Earth: Guest Post by Steve McCullough

I was at an office Christmas party when I first read the news,“27 killed at Elementary School.” Immediately my heart sank.

Back in the office, I couldn’t focus on my work. What if that had happened at my son’s school? I decided to take some vacation time to ride bikes with the kids. I’d almost pushed the whole incident to the back of my mind, when I spotted a neighbor.

As I greeted her, I could see that she was upset. The news of the shooting had made her cry all the way home from work. I struggled for something to say, but nothing came. In that moment, I felt like an ineffective Christian. This bothered me all weekend.

On Sunday, God gave me an idea: have a neighborhood prayer service. One of the videos I’d worked on, Fostering the Harvest, talked about something similar being done after 9/11. It would give people a chance to honor the grieving and to process the hard questions about the incident. That afternoon, we printed invitations and passed them out in our neighborhood.

As I began to prepare what I would say, I realized that I could not properly explain this incident without including the gospel. I had to spend time on my knees begging for courage. But God was gracious, and assured me that I could speak with boldness, because real comfort is based in real truth.

On Monday evening, people from our subdivision crowded into our living room. As they began sharing, it was clear that everyone had been deeply moved by the shootings. Some even expressed fear, and bewilderment. I led the group in a prayer for those who lost loved ones, for the family of the perpetrator, and for our nation. After praying, I spoke for about three minutes. I have included a paraphrase below, hoping that it may help anyone who is still struggling to reconcile this incident with his view of God.

Incidents like the one at Sandy Hook remind me that evil is real, and present. But it was not always this way. God created a perfect world, but Man chose to listen to the Enemy, and rebel against God. This sin brought death into our world. Man hasn’t stopped rebelling against God. In fact, what happened on Friday was indeed an act of rebellion against God.

It almost seems wrong to be celebrating and enjoying the Christmas season when so many are grieving. But I have to remind myself that I don’t celebrate Christmas because of the decorations, or the fun times with the family. I celebrate Christmas because 2000 years ago, Christ came to earth, lived a perfect life, and then laid that life down for my sin on the cross. He not only took my punishment—the death that I deserve—but by rising from the dead He literally defeated sin, and death. For now, He allows evil to continue. But I trust His promise that one day, He will return to earth and judge all evil. He will take those who believe in Him to a place where there will be no pain, no grief, no tears, and no death. A place where I willnever hear of events like what happened on Friday. Christmas is a time to celebrate the hope of true peace on earth.

A brother from our church sang “It Is Well with My Soul.” I shared that the author wrote this hymn while he was traveling to the funerals of his children who had tragically died. It was a beautiful example of the hope and peace found through trusting in God. I closed the service by telling our neighbors that our doors are always open to pray with them.

After the service, people signed a giant card with messages for the families in Connecticut. Many of those attending expressed how helpful it was to process such an incident together.

We are disturbed and horrified by the violence at Sandy Hook, and our hearts recoil at the pain it brought. People around us are trying to process these events. Some don’t have answers. We have hope, and the true reason to celebrate Christmas. May God open doors for us to share this with others.