“Mission cannot be something separate from or added to the essence of the Church. The essential nature of the local congregation is, in and of itself, mission, or else the congregation is not really a church.” (Charles Van Engen, God’s Missionary People p. 70)

We talk a lot about being a misisonal people these days as Christians. Do we understand what that really means? What does it mean to be “on mission” in life as believers in Jesus Christ? What does missional living look like in our homes, our neighborhoods, our work places and our schools?

Roots Run Deep, the blog of New Branch Community Church, was started to explore those types of questions and more.

The posts you will find here will generally fall into one of the following four categories:

  • On Mission: In this category we will examine our missional philosophy, how to create missional events in our communities, and how to organize the various areas in our lives around the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Pressing On: This category will explore issues of discipleship and how we as Christians can grow in our faith. We will examine various aspects of spiritual formation such as Bible study, prayer, and worship, and we will offer ideas for excellent books you can read or sermons you can listen to that will strengthen your walk with Christ.
  • Eyes Wide Open: This category will contain posts about engaging culture in a Biblical way. It will expound on the Christian worldview and how Christians can think Biblically about films, music, books, current events, trends and other issues and ideas that are important to us and to those who live around us.
  • Top Five: Ever wonder what the best commentaries on a certain book of the Bible are? Ever wonder what movies might be the best ones to take friends who don’t know Christ to see because they might explore spiritual issues you can discuss together? This category will explore the Top Five of all sorts of things that directly pertain to living as followers of Christ in the world.

Please feel free to engage the blog authors and other readers in the comments section of the posts. Join the conversation and let us know what you would like to know more about.

Welcome to Roots Run Deep!


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