Boston Follow Up

Thank you all for praying for our trip to Boston. We had a great time seeing the city, meeting with people, praying, worshiping, and hearing the Word preached. The Gospel Coalition New England Conference was a blessing to us and to the many pastors and planters laboring in the Northeast.

The biggest news for us is that God confirmed the Greater Boston area as our target area for church planting. We were able to spend sometime with a North American Mission Board Church Planting Catalyst who showed us some areas that are need of churches. As we drove around, asked questions, talked, and prayed, Lauren and I sensed God’s leading. We’re very thankful to God for graciously bringing us another step closer to the call he’s placed on our lives. Moving forward, we covet your prayers for the following…

  • Continued relationships with pastors in Greater Boston. We are in conversation with churches to potentially partner with.
  • The possibility of short term mission trips to Boston for NewBranch
  • Clarity in the timeline. We’re aiming for 2014, but as one pastor told me, ‘pray hard and hold your timeline loosely.’
  • Preparation for me and my family.
  • Visit Boston Church Planting and see what God is doing. Pray for the Planters/Pastors laboring in Greater BostonThank you all for the continued prayer and support. We’re looking forward to what God will do for the glory of his name!

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