Worship Music Recommendation: Sovereign Grace- From Age To Age

I’m always on the look out for Jesus-centered worship music to recommend to people. I’m encouraged by the amount of biblically rich, gospel saturated worship music that is coming from the Church today. From Age to Age by Sovereign Grace is one of those albums. It’s hot off the press (came out Tuesday) and it’s only $7.99 on Amazon.

Here’s how the liner notes describe the concept of the album…

How does one define a hymn?

It’s hard to say, but most hymns are characterized by theologically rich lyrics, symmetrical rhythmic patterns in the verse lyrics, and a tune that congregations find easy to sing. At the heart of hymn-writing is a desire to create a song that will endure for generations.

Inspired by the hymn writers of the past, we’ve written 14 new hymns for this album. Some songs are old hymn lyrics set to new tunes. For others, we used the thematic structure of a hymn as the basis for an entirely new song.

And in some cases we’ve written completely new hymns that attempt to communicate the inexhaustible riches of God’s word and the Gospel through the simple elements of words and melodies.

Above each lyric, different songwriters have shared thoughts on the background or meaning of the song. We hope you enjoy their stories. More importantly, we hope these songs open your heart and mind to the song that never changes from age to age: the song of the redeemed to their matchless Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

And here is an acoustic version of the song Glorious Christ (Track 11)

Be sure to check out the new Sovereign Grace Music website for more great music.


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