New England Church Planting – Vision Trip

I’ve just returned from dropping off Kevin and Lauren at the airport for their first trip up to New England in anticipation of planting a church in that area sometime in 2014.  I am so excited that God is giving us an opportunity as a church to be part of this journey with the Sanders, and I am equally encouraged by their faith and courage to follow the Lord in this endeavor.  (read more about the decision for this church plant here: http://newbranchchurch.wordp

The purpose of this first trip is simply get up into the area and begin praying over the land.  As the Lord has not yet provided specifics regarding the location of the church plant (there are 6 states in New England, not including upstate NY), they will be visiting a few areas and meeting with other church planters and pastors and talking with them about what God is doing in those areas.  Kevin will have a couple of opportunities to preach and Lauren will have some opportunities to talk with other church planter wives and get a mom’s perspective of life in NE.  These opportunities will be invaluable to them as the Lord prepares them for moving into the area in the years ahead.

Please be in pray for Kevin and Lauren.  You can follow them on Twitter at @knsanders, on on Facebook during this trip, but regardless, here are some prayer requests:

  • – safe travel (it is the Northeast, and it is cold, and there is snow…and part of their leg includes a small airplane)
  • – peace about leaving the kids with family and friends
  • – effective ministry (they will join with a mission trip team from Hebron Baptist Church to do servant evangelism)
  • – networking and fruitful conversations (as they meet with other church planter families, etc.)
  • – spiritual guidance (as they pray over the land, and the people who need the Gospel in these areas)
  • – faith (to keep trusting God for provision, discernment, and watch-care over their family as they step out in faith)




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