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This past Sunday we started a 4 week vision series.  In this series we will be discussing 4 distinct areas of ministry that the Lord has recently been bringing to the awareness of the elders as areas we need to address as a church if we are to be “faithful tools” in His hands.   These four areas are part of a “Four-Fold Vision” that we will be referring back to throughout the year.  They are Revival, Manhood, Missionality, and Community.  Each week of this series we will be attempting to provide some follow-up material via this blog in order to provide fodder for discussion and additional study.  It is our prayer that you would avail yourself of these resources in the coming weeks and that the Lord would use that time to continue His work in transforming us into a people He will use for His glory.

This past Sunday we talked about the need for revival at NewBranch Community Church.  If you were working in the children’s ministry, or if you were out, you can listen to this message online.

Today, I wanted to provide you with a plethora of resources on revival.  These resources help to clarify what revival is (and is not), what our need for revival is, and how we will know if revival comes.  This list is in no way intended to be exhaustive, but representative of the theology of revival that I presented on Sunday.  I would love for you to likewise share any resources you’ve come across that would be helpful to folks in our church.  Enjoy!


Books on Revival:

Books that will help reclaim an abiding awareness of God’s nearness and glory (we talked on Sunday about how revival is primarily an desire for (and an acute awareness of) God’s presence, so these resources have stirred my soul to remind me of His glory and his nearness):

Online sermons about revival:

Blog posts/articles about revival:


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