Day 11: Luke 10-13

by Joe McBee
Have you ever stopped to notice how many worrisome thoughts crowd our minds every day?

We worry about not having enough money. We worry about getting sick. We worry about having the “right” kinds of clothes, or cars, or home. We worry about what people think of us. We worry about our children. We worry about our parents. We worry about the future, and sometimes, we even worry about events in our past catching up to us.

Our minds are overwhelmed with fear, doubt, and worry. We cannot help it, and just when we think we are in a place of peace and rest in our hearts and minds, we find something new to worry about.

Jesus has something to say to us in Luke 12:22-34. Jesus tells us not worry. Jesus tells us to fear not.

In this passage, our Lord tells us to look around because the world is filled with examples of God’s provision and care. The birds are fed without having to toil and save. Even the grass of the field is clothed in beauty. God takes care of it all, and He is perfectly aware of our needs.

Christ is not telling us to abandon worry and fear as some sort of act of our will. We don’t have to white knuckle our way into compliance with His instruction. In other words, this is not something else we have to worry about!

Christ is telling us not to worry because the Father is in control. Our peace and rest are based on God’s character. We can rest free from fear and anxiety because God…IS. He is all-powerful and sovereign over all that He has made. All of creation is in His hands.

And He knows us.

And He loves us.

And He cares for us.

So what is there to worry about?

Rather than worry, Jesus calls us to a life of sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom. Only a person who is free from anxiety can do this. Fear and worry make us selfish but trust in God makes us generous. Fear and worry make us timid but trust in God makes us bold. Instead of wasting our time fretting over the minutia of our lives, we need to leave our needs in God’s hands and seek God’s kingdom instead.

We can only grasp what is best, when we let go of the worthless things that we worry about. Jesus tells us that the Kingdom is far better than anything we are anxious for in our lives and He invites us to seek God’s kingdom and trust Him for everything in our lives.


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