Our New Missions Partners

The following are three of our newest missions partners at NewBranch.  We were delighted to be able to announce these partnerships this past weekend, and hear from each of them.

Chris & Dana Holloway – Ghana, West Africa

The Holloways have been stalwart servants at NewBranch since the very beginning three years ago.  Chris serves on our Elder Board, and Dana handles all of our administrative functions (which means she runs the whole church).  They have a daughter, Hannah who attends North Georgia College & State University, and their son, Griffin, attends Mill Creek High School.  Last year, the Holloways were appointed by World Venture as missionaries to Ghana.  Currently, they are in the process of partner development, which means they are looking for individuals and families who are willing to support them prayerfully and financially.  They are praying for a departure to the mission field some time in 2012.  For more information about the Holloways, visit http://teamholloway.com/.

Steve & Jenny McCullough – Biblical Ministries Worldwide

The McCullough’s, who moved from California to Georgia just a couple of years ago, are missionaries with Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW), a missions agency located in Lawrenceville.  Steve and Jenny were career film makers prior to surrendering to a call to be missionaries, and now God uses them to employ their God-given video/film skills to advance the gospel and the glory of God worldwide through BMW.  Steve and Jenny have 3 children, Isaiah, Keith, and Lilly.  For more information about their particular ministry, visit www.missionfilmmakers.com

StreetWise Georgia

Unlimited Potential, Inc.The mission of StreetWise Georgia is to offer the necessary physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools to help people stabilize their lives, improve their environment, and move out of a state of dependency into a state of well-being and self-sufficiency.  When I toured their facility in Lawrenceville a couple of months ago, I was impressed with their prayerful approach and their commitment to excellence.  When executive director and founder, Terry Powell, told me that they share the gospel with everyone who came through their doors, I was sold.  I am extremely excited to see how God is going to use this new partnership between NewBranch and StreetWise Georgia.  For more information about StreetWise, you can visit their website, or contact Lea Ann Sherwood.

We praise God for allowing us to partner with such Gospel-centered missionaries.


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