Are we “functional universalists”?

This video from David Platt is a sober reminder to be active against not just “intellectual universalism”, but also “functional universalism”.  We are committed to the orthodox theological position that everyone who does not trust in Christ for forgiveness and repent of their sin and self-rule and turn to Christ and His rule over their lives, will suffer eternally in a real hell, experiencing the deserved penalty for their own sins which is the righteous and justified wrath of God.  This orthodox position is being compromised in our day, and tomorrow Kevin Sanders will be posting a review of a recent book that is receiving alot of attention in this regard.  We must (and will) stand against “intellectual universalism”, but Platt’s point is that when we sit idly by in our comfortable worlds and do nothing while people next door, people in our workplace, and people all around the world die and go to hell without hearing the gospel….then we have become “functional universalists”.  Then, no matter how much we decry “intellectual universalism” to be a false teaching (which it is), our lives demonstrate that we don’t really believe what the Bible says about those without the Gospel.

If this is true of us, may it be so no longer.


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