Women Exhorting Women

In our service yesterday, we looked at Titus 2:3-5, and discovered a list of character qualities that older women are to be building intoyounger women.  Here’s a resource that might prove helpful to those who desire to take up the mantel of mentoring those younger than yourself.

Carolyn Mahaney has put together an audio series that can be downloaded as MP3s (as well as PDFs of the message outlines) from the Sovereign Grace website.  If you prefer reading books to listening to messages, then check out Mahaney’s Feminine Appeal from Crossway Books.  I highly commend both of these resources for “older” women looking to be obedient to the call to “teach what is good”.



The audio series is called “To Teach What Is Good”, and the message titles are:

(Click on a message title to read its description or to download the free        MP3.)

1. A Fresh Look at Titus 2

2. Loving My Husband

3. Loving My Children

4. Being Self-Controlled

5. Being Pure

6. Being Busy At Home

7. Being Kind/Doing Good<!–

8. Being Subject to My Husband


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