Update from Ghana by Joe Chinn

This post is part of a new series on the blog where we seek to stay updated on our mission partners.

My parents and brother (Lloyd, Jan, and Jeremy) have been back in Ghana for almost 5 weeks now…and have hit the ground running! Mrs. Holloway was there for nearly a month, beginning the 29th of June, to offer a helping hand to my mother in terms of emotional support, and by purchasing several of the smaller items that are unavailable—or much too expensive—in Ghana. While she was there, my family hosted a short-term team from Seattle. This type of ministry, although potentially enjoyable and greatly beneficial, is extremely taxing on my family, and especially after spending only 2 or 3 weeks back in Ghana.

At the end of May, my father sent a container to meet them in Ghana once they arrived. Within the container lay a majority of the furnishings for our newly built house in Nkwanta, my parents’ ministry area. Somehow fortunately, the container was delayed in arriving; it arrived as the short-term mission team was ending their trip, so my family got to focus on getting the container 8+ hours up the road from Tema (the port town) to Nkwanta. They had forgotten what was inside, so opening the container was like getting presents! Instead of sleeping on air or foam mattresses, the mattresses (donated by folks from NewBranch) from the US gave my family one more reason to breathe some relief!

The next step is preparing my brother, Jeremy, for school. He will be returning to Dakar, Senegal to begin his 10th grade year at Dakar Academy (FYI: Dakar is about a three hour flight from Ghana.). He’ll be stepping into a brand new environment as a sophomore, as the last time he was there was during 8th grade. I will be absent as well, which will present him with another dynamic. So, we will be separated again, with the parents in rural Ghana, and the siblings in Senegal, Texas, and New York. Of course, we trust the Lord to keep us unified, and thankfully technology may help to lessen the gap; still, we wish it was different AND in the Lord’s plan to have together as the usual, rather than apart.

Prayer requests for my family include:

A smooth transition back to Ghana:

-A few appliances were ‘borrowed indefinitely’ from my family, much to their disappointment. The Lord is our provider, and we do trust Him for all that we need to remain focused on Him.
-Now is the time for my parents to begin again at full-time focus on the mission field in Ghana. Pray that God switches their minds into gear that they would be right on track with His vision for them.
-Being apart leaves room for unnoticed changes. Pray that God would renew relationships in Ghana with friends and ministry partners, and that He would establish authentic community around my family.
-A Generator
-Running Water
-Good Health
-Cultural Sensitivity
-The ability to Extend Grace
-The Faithful Commitment of monthly supporters to the ministry

A smooth transition for Jeremy back to Dakar Academy:
-The last full year he was there, we were both there together. Going back alone may be a challenge for him.
-Being older may be easier or more difficult, depending on the atmosphere. Pray that Jeremy will be strengthened in His identity in Christ, in the face of the inevitable peer pressure
-Pray that Jeremy will be a light for Christ at Dakar Academy. We are all called to make a big deal out of God in our everyday lives, so this remains a prayer request for Jeremy.

To you who have prayed: Many Thanks. We solicit your prayers on every area of our lives, that God would be magnified as the Lord of all. Live in Love.


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