Resources on Community

It goes without saying that the primary source on living in Christian community is the Bible. Do a search of the phrase “one another” and see all the things that the Bible tells us to do for one another.

In all the letters, a certain amount of community is assumed by the mere fact that the letters are written to communities. 1 Corinthians is a great letter dealing with a troubled Christian community.


Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This short book is the best book on Christian community that I have read. If you follow the blog, you have seen me quote it numerous times.

Total Church by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester. (This book can be bought at the church resource table for $10 or whatever you can pay.) This book is an excellent resource on how to think in a community-centered way in all of life. You will likely find things you disagree with, but you will surely think deeply about the value of community.

Church Planting Manual- Tim Keller I used portions of Redeemer’s church planting manual in my study of Acts 2.

We Belong Together- Bruce Milne This book comes highly recommended, and will be the next book I read on community when I find my copy.

Speaking the Truth in Love- David Powlison Another one on my “to read” list.  This author I love, however I haven’t read this title yet.

Online Resources:

Soma Communities– I have gotten many ideas from Soma’s site, especially the practices that accompany their core values (“rhythms”).

Austin City Life–  Check out the stories from this inner city Austin, TX church’s small group ministry.  I’ve been encouraged by these guys.  Also, this is where we get the fight club booklet from.  Check this site out to begin starting Gospel-centered accountability with “How to Start a Fight Club.”


2 thoughts on “Resources on Community

  1. We heard Tim Keller speak at the Willowcreek Leadership Summit last year. He was excellent and we were really impressed.

  2. In my opinion, Tim Keller is one of the leading voices in the Church today calling us to the Gospel and Mission…

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