A Meditation on Psalm 4:6-7

There are many who say ‘Who will show us some good?’ Lift up the light of your face upon us, O Lord! You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound. (Psalm 4:6-7, ESV)

We spend our lives searching for good things. We are on a constant quest for that which will bring us joy and grant us true satisfaction for what we crave.

We are born with it, the craving. It’s there from the very moment we come into this world and we spend our time on earth struggling to put a finger on it, to quantify and qualify it, to understand and identify it so that we can finally and ultimately satisfy it.

But our cravings are vague. We are searching, but it is unclear to us exactly what it is that we are searching for. No matter how hard we try, it eludes us. It seems to be always just beyond us. It is always just out of reach.

We grasp for something we feel will satisfy and bring us joy and when we catch it, we quickly find that it was not what we were searching for after all. It seems so good and sweet and satisfying at first but we soon find that it turns to dust in our hands even as we admire it and we are left feeling even more empty than we were before. And so we begin to search once again.

If only I had…

  • a better job
  • a better wife
  • a better husband
  • more fun
  • more money
  • a nicer car
  • a bigger house

Then I would be happy.

Then I would know joy.

Then I would be satisfied.

But the happiness, the joy, the satisfaction, never comes does it? And we are left feeling empty because what we were seeking to satisfy us and to add more to our lives, has actually stolen from us. It has stolen another piece of our soul.

When will we realize that God is greater than all else we could possibly desire and that true satisfaction comes only from Him for it can only be found in Him?

How easily we forget that in Him is fullness of joy. How slow we are to realize that we cannot possibly find satisfaction in something that was never meant to satisfy.

The satisfaction and joy and happiness that comes from knowing Christ is greater than anything this world, our flesh and the devil have tried to offer us as cheap, imitation replacements. Their offerings are plastic trinkets from a gas station gift shop compared to the glories that are found in knowing the creator of the universe. They are rubbish. They are filth. They are dung (Philippians 3).

May our cravings for delight and joy compel us to the arms of Jesus.

May our hunger and thirst for satisfaction be transformed into a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

May our emptiness be filled with His goodness again and again.

May we realize that with Him is more delight than we could ever imagine.


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