The purposes of a Christian counter-cultural community

God’s people are to live out their lives as a counter-cultural community whose citizenship is ultimately God’s Kingdom. (Mark Driscoll)

In their excellent book Vintage Church, authors Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears create a compelling picture of what a Christian counter-cultural community looks like and what it’s primary purposes should be.

They impart a three-fold purpose that gives us a snapshot of what we should look like as followers of Christ in the world and time in which we live. They are indeed counter-cultural in that they are the opposite of what our culture believes and teaches.

As you read these three purposes, try and picture how they will be played out in the context of your family, your BASE group, and in our church.

There are a few questions listed below each one to get you thinking along these lines. I would encourage you to discuss them at your next family meal, or BASE Group meeting, or even to take time to record them and pray over them in your spiritual journal.

Purpose 1: To worship God by obeying Scripture.

  • To what extent is Scripture the primary influence of your life?
  • How is the primacy of Scripture displayed in your family (BASE Group, church, etc.)?
  • How is God worshiped and glorified by our obedience to His Word?
  • How do those who do not know Christ in our lives respond when we obey Scripture instead of peer pressure, or personal desires?

Purpose 2: To train younger generations in misisonal living so that there is a legacy of faith.

  • What are you doing right now to train up younger generations in misisonal living?
  • What is our church doing?
  • What is your BASE Group doing?
  • How you can be more involved in what is already being done? How can you get something new started?
  • In what ways do we train up younger generations for missional living?

Purpose 3: To provide lost people with an alternative and attractive way of life with Jesus and His people.

  • How does your life attract other people to Christ?
  • Do you think people are attracted to Christ when they come to our church or to your BASE Group? Why or why not?
  • In what ways do we provide lost people with an alternative and attractive way of life with Jesus and His people?

Would anyone care to venture some answers to some of these questions in the comments section? Or does anyone else have questions or comments to add that will help us unpack the meaning of this three-fold purpose even more?


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