Living Missionally in the Summer

The following is a guest post by Tyler Recker.

As followers of Jesus, we follow our Lord who was sent by the Father on mission to redeem a people for God’s glory. Jesus said “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” (John 20:21) This means that part of our inherent identity as followers of Jesus is that we are a sent people, a people who have been given a mission by our Lord.

We have addressed all of this on the blog before and you would do well to review this post and this post on the basic theology of mission. Further, you would do well to refresh yourself on the terminology of missional rhythms, missional events, and attractional events.

All of that being said, summer presents us with some unique opportunities for mission if we will be intentional to live in the culture as “exiles” who are not in step with the culture. Over and over again, we must remind ourselves that God has not called us to circle the wagons playing defense the whole time we wait for the Second coming of Christ. Rather, God has called us to engage the culture with the Gospel in a discerning, uncompromising manner (Joe Thorn had some great things to say about this.)

Missional Rhythms (“ways that we order our lives to continuously interact with non-believers”):

-Go to the pool with Gospel intentionality.

Many of us live in neighborhoods with neighborhood swimming pools. Join them and go to them with an eye to build relationships with others.

-Hang out outside.

Living life outside of your home will give you the opportunity to interact with folks walking, folks who are doing yard work, folks who are also hanging out outside, and other folks. Being outside affords you way more opportunities than being inside.

If you have children, you could make a practice of hanging out at the park with an eye for getting to know other parents who are there for the same reason.

Further, the summer presents many opportunities for folks who enjoy sports to participate in pick up volleyball, pick up basketball, softball leagues, hiking, biking, and so on. Go for it. But not just with regard to recreation, do it with the utmost regard for the Gospel. Seek relationships that lead to sharing the Gospel!

Missional Events (cookouts, sports games, birthday parties, other events):

-Host a cookout.

Go through the awkwardness of knocking on your neighbor’s doors and inviting them out to a cookout at your house. You’ll know who you live next to, and you’ll be able to cultivate relationships. Invite everyone you know to it including some folks from you BASE, so you are doing mission in community and leveraging the gifts of the whole body in evangelism.

-Be present at other events.

Neighborhood events. Community events. Local restaurant events. Find something you’re into and go be part of it. Again, do it with an eye for the Gospel

Whatever you do, do something. Let’s not waste our lives focused on our vacations, our recreation, our own selves, and then stand before God one day and answer for it. Live as a missionary in every way that you live, work, and play.

What about you? What other ideas do you have for living on mission to advance the Gospel this summer?


One thought on “Living Missionally in the Summer

  1. Tyler – excellent reminder and great ideas.

    Recently a friend shared with me a great tip for transitioning conversation from the mundane to the spiritual. He asks, “If God could do one thing for you right now, what would you want it to be?” After asking the question, he just sees where it leads the conversation. It helps to see where the other person is spiritually and what their primary desires and aspirations are. Its not meant to promote a “God-is-just-there-to-satisfy-my-every-wish” mentality, so you would have to be careful not to let the conversation dip to that level; however, it sounds like a great way to channel the conversation to the Gospel once a level of trust has been established.

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