The City: How to Spend Your 7 Minutes a Day

As most of you are aware of by now, we have launched The City as a means of helping us communicate better, manage contact information better, and generally administrate better.

At this point, I am sure you have heard us plead with you for just 7 minutes a day on The City. Further, if you are like me, you are a hard sell on things that infringe on your time. This weighed heavily in the discussion in deciding to adopt The City at NewBranch. We didn’t want to have either a) just another thing for people to check or b) a place that folks could hang out online (and mistake it for real community).

Hear me on this. We really believe that The City is going to make our job (as staff and other leaders) much easier and we believe widespread use of The City will meet your communication needs much better than previous systems.

If you will push through the learning curve, it will save you time, and who doesn’t want to save time?

So, as you help facilitate good communication within NewBranch by checking The City for just 7 minutes a day…here’s some suggestions on how to spend your 7 minutes.

1. Check on your BASE group.

BASE Group leaders were encouraged to use The City for all communication concerning BASE meetings. Further, The City provides a very easy way to send out prayer requests and to follow up on prayer requests. In our BASE, people are constantly adding more prayer requests as well as asking for updates on how the situations are going.

The City has great functionality for sharing needs with your BASE group. Maybe your non-believing neighbor just had a baby. You could take up some diapers and such from your BASE group and bless them in a way that could deepen that relationship.

Take part in a discussion on your BASE’s City. This could be a time to further flesh out the things you’ve been studying in your BASE group.

Also, we use The City to plan out food, etc for our meetings. Check on that.

2. Check on churchwide announcements.

Scroll through the NewBranch Community Church group and look into announcements, events, and prayer requests that are on the churchwide level.

3. Check on Service Opportunities.

Everyone should be serving in some area, and every area should have a group on The City to communicate specifics about that. Do you know when the next time you are signed up is?
Also, there are other stand-alone service opportunities that get published on The City sometimes. Check on those. Maybe you’re free to take your family to serve at Bright Futures? Maybe you can help with something that’s there.

4. Send a conversation of Gospel encouragement to someone in your BASE group.

This won’t replace real community, but it can supplement it. Maybe someone in your group is in a tough season, and you can drop them some encouragement. Maybe someone has been struggling with their job or with spending time with the Lord, and you can drop them some encouragement.

Do this in a private “Conversation”.

5. Use the Marketplace.

Do you have something to sell or get rid of? An extra bed. A lawnmower. Something. There is a built-in classified-like section on The City.

Maybe things are tight and you are looking to pick up a lawnmower cheap and maybe another family has 3 lawnmowers.

Currently, there is a member of our church seeking a carpool either to Decatur or to MARTA. Maybe you could help with that…?

In closing…

Fellow NewBranch attenders, to some of you using The City is a little bit of a change for you. We realize that and want to thank you for being willing to go through with this.

Could we ask you to trust us that this will make things at NewBranch run smoother, this will make communication go smoother, and it will make our database management smoother?


One thought on “The City: How to Spend Your 7 Minutes a Day

  1. when I think I’m sending a private conversation to someone, it gets posted on the news page. how do you make conversations private. also sometimes you don’t want a prayer request published on the news page but just for the small group you are in, is there a way to do that?

    this is just a great idea and will be a blessing to everyone.

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