Random Resources. (Or, Things More Fruitful Than Talking about Tiger Woods.)

Today, I would like to just point you to some good stuff that I’ve found very influential in my own life.

Jesus and hip-hop? Yes sir.  Great song.  Great album.

I am currently in the middle of a terrible semester where I can’t read the books I want to read.  But if I could, this one would be high on the list.  D.A. Carson is my favorite modern theologian, and the Cross is of primary importance to believers.  Win-Win.

In light of current events and the propensity of those to lead to self-righteousness, I thought I would throw out this excellent video from Matt Chandler in Dallas, TX.

Also, to further check your own tendency towards Phariseeic self-righteousness, you can check this sermon from Chandler.

Lastly, my wife and I have been reading this book aloud together at night.  (I hate being read to, but I just deal with it.)  It’s brutally humbling.  You should do it.  Gets to issues like wimpy men, feminist women, and solid biblical exposition on marriage.


One thought on “Random Resources. (Or, Things More Fruitful Than Talking about Tiger Woods.)

  1. Lord, please forgive me for any moment that I have been the enemy of the gospel in the lives you have placed around me. Let me see that I am the broken rose and that you reached out to me in love. That I may never esteem myself above the gift of grace that rescued me over the lives of my fellow man.

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