Heroes of the Faith

Before I begin commending men of the faith I want to point out something very important: There is only one perfect hero, His name is Jesus. He is the one we are to fix our eyes on. He is our ultimate example. He is our Savior, our Lord, and our King.

But God has graciously blessed us with Christians all throughout history who have lived lives of genuine faith and a love for His kingdom. We should study and learn from these men and women.

The author of Hebrews knows the importance of these faith-examples in light of Jesus Christ. After spending an entire chapter commending biblical men and women for their faith, he says:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. -Hebrews 12:1-2

So, I want to briefly share 3 men who have pointed me to Jesus

1. John Piper
I read Desiring God in the 10th grade. It messed me up (in a good way). Piper showed me from scripture that God’s goal is His glory and that He gets it most when I am satisfied in Him. DesiringGod.org has been blessing me ever since with an endless amount of free sermons, videos, books, etc. I have never heard or seen a man more passionate about the Bible.

Some of my other Piper favorites: Don’t Waste Your Life, God is the Gospel, Future Grace, The Swans are Not Silent (series), Finally Alive, and Let the Nations be Glad.

2. C.S. Lewis
I read Mere Christianity shortly after reading Desiring God. I had a lot of non-Christian friends in high school who raised some interesting questions. I asked some older and wiser Christian men about some good resources. Mere Christianity was highly recommended.

Not only was I intellectually challenged by the book (I had to read it twice in a row before I began to grasp it!), I was also encouraged and strengthened in my daily walk with Christ. This book is a classic. If you haven’t read it, do so in the near future.

Other Lewis classics include The Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, A Grief Observed, Miracles, and The Great Divorce.

NOTE: John Piper will be doing a biographical lecture of C.S. Lewis tomorrow at the Desiring God Conference for Pastors. The FREE audio and manuscript of the talk will be available on Desiring God by Wednesday.

3. Louie Giglio
Louie is the founder of 268 Generation and Passion Conferences. I snuck into his weekly college Bible study, 722 (I was in high school). When I think about what God has taught me through Louie today, two words come to mind. The first is worship. Like Piper, an underlying theme in all of Louie’s teaching is that man was created to worship the Living God. The second word is mission. His Going Global sermon series shows that to be passionate about worshipping God means being passionate about seeing others worship God.

Louie has written two books: The Air I Breathe and I am Not But I Know I Am. His sermons can be purchased HERE.

God, thank You for using these men to point me to Your Son.

Let’s hear of some ‘Spiritual Giants’ who have shaped your walk with Christ


3 thoughts on “Heroes of the Faith

  1. My Spiritual Giants tend to be people who I know personally, and whose lives have impacted mine The one who immediately comes to mind is my Dad. He loved the Word and studied it, taught it, and lived it. He led a life of humble sacrifice – of both his time and resources. He led by example. I was blessed to see him be a witness to others not only during his life but also while he was dying of cancer. He was far from a perfect man, but he was one of the Spiritual Giants in my life, and probably in a few other’s lives as well.

  2. One of mine would be Corrie Ten Boom. She was an amazing example of human weakness in the hands of a mighty God. I read her book “The Hiding Place” frequently and every time, it lifts my faith and gives me a desire to honor the Savior who sustains me.

    Another is my Grandma. She is almost 87 and has been a consistent and real example of what a life lived with God looks like. She is diligent in her pursuit of Him. She has never denied Him in the face of countless opportunities. She sat with my Grandpa in the moment that he died and heard him proclaim, “Jesus!” as his legs moved like he was running to his Savior. She lived with us for about 2 months while she recovered from breast cancer surgery and I saw first hand that her relationship with the God of the universe was quiet, real and close to her very breath. This helped lead me to my own moment of salvation.

  3. Mine are men I have been “discipled” by throughout my walk with Christ through their writings, biographies and testimony:

    A.W. Tozer
    Jonathan Edwards
    David Brainerd
    Hudson Taylor
    E. Stanley Jones
    George Muller
    William Wilberforce
    Jim Elliot

    Reading about their lives made me want to live for Christ like they did. One of my favorite things to read still to this day are the biographies and autobiographies or great men and women of the faith.

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