The Bible Isn’t Boring!

We’ve talked many times at NewBranch about the need we all have to be immersed in Scripture; to nourish ourselves on the feast that God serves up in His Word.  We’ve lamented about how so many of us nibble on God’s Word like we used to nibble on our vegetables when we were 5 years old.  If we ever expect to grow in spiritual maturity, if we ever hope to achieve Christ-likeness, if we ever expect to able to live for the glory of God despite our circumstances, then we must grow up in our intake of God’s Word….no more nibbling…instead we need to be feasting and gouging ourselves with the bounty of Scripture.

Just for fun, I wanted to post this video that poignantly and humorously describes how many of us approach God’s Word.  We know it holds truth, and we know it holds life, but we are so “pulled away” by the world, that it has lost its luster in our eyes.  Laugh, but let the Lord speak to you about where you look for nourishment for your soul.

Now, I haven’t seen Avatar (I hope to soon), so I don’t know if it’s “boring” or not, but compared to spending time listening to the omnipotent Creator God speak timeless powerful truths to me, shouldn’t it seem so?

I think we can watch movies and appreciate the artistry and creativity; listen for the redemptive value in them; look for the Gospel in them; use them as tools to engage culture with the timeless narrative of God’s redemptive purpose in the world…..but when we get so excited about the world’s offering of “new and exciting” to the point where Scripture doesn’t move us…then maybe we’ve lost focus somewhere along the line.

Something to think about.  I’m still going to go see the movie, and I doubt I’ll think its boring; however, if we  spent as much time reading our Bibles as we do watching TV and movies (or video games or romance novels, etc.), ….maybe we would be better equipped to have a Biblical view of the world, instead of a worldly view of the Bible.

Chew on that with the Holy Spirit, and let’s hear what He tells you.


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