Top 5 Christmas Albums…

…in no particular order:

1. Glory in the Highest by Shane and Shane:
These guys never cease to amaze. Creative songwriting coupled with perfect harmony make for great records. This album includes many traditional Christmas songs as well as some originals. My favorite track is Born to Die.

2. Salvation is Created by Bifrost Arts:
Bifrost arts is a very cool project that seeks to revive the artistic side of Christian music. It consists of folky renditions of some great Christmas songs (some less known).

3. Christmas… From the Realm of Glory by Bebo Norman:
I love everything Bebo does. He is one of the most gifted songwriters in Christian Music today and often times extremely underrated. The best track on this CD is Come and Worship. Other highlights include Go Tell it on the Mountain and Rebel Jesus.

4. Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens:
This is definitely the most unusual sounding Album on the list. If you haven’t heard Sufjan, I don’t really know how to explain him to you. You’ll just have to give him a listen. This is a 5 Disc set containing 42 songs for 15 bucks!

5. Advent Songs by Sojourn:
I don’t hesitate to say that the team from Sojourn Community Church are putting out the best worship music today. This disc proves it. Plus, they have blessed you all by making it FREE from Noisetrade! Simply Click on #5.

What are some of your favorites?


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