Top 5 Missional Blogs

We are thrilled that we have folks reading this blog on a regular basis.  We are also enjoying the fact that some of you are participating in the conversation through the comments section–more of you doing so would be even better.

Obviously though, we are not the only blog on the Web that is exploring missional living.  To help you even more along this journey we are taking together, we would like to recommend some other resources for you to explore in addition to Roots Run Deep.

Two Disclaimers:

  1. Although we recommend these blogs enthusiastically, that does NOT mean that we agree with every single thing the author(s) write and you probably won’t either.  As with anything you read–including Roots Run Deep–a healthy dose of wisdom and discernment are needed.
  2. These blogs are in no particular order.

And now we offer you…

The Top 5 Missional Blogs

1. Ed Stetzer

Stetzer is an experienced pastor and church planter and is currently heading up the church planting research team with LifeWay.  He blogs on topics like church and culture, church revitalization and of course, missional living.  You will also find great book reviews, and interviews with key missional leaders from all over the world.

2. The Gospel-Driven Church

The Gospel-Driven Church is written by Jared Wilson.  Wilson was a successful church planter in Nashville, TN.  After three years, he answered God’s call to go to a rural church in Vermont, which is the most unchurched state in the entire country.  In addition to misisonal living posts, Wilson also blogs about theological issues, Biblical studies, and ministry.  He also has a healthy sense of humor and a “pull no punches” approach to his writing.

  • What Gospel-Centered Preaching Does:  This is a great post to start with to get an idea of how Wilson writes and what is important to him.
  • Your Jesus is Too Safe:  In this book, Wilson challenges his readers to leave behind a safe and comfortable “feel-good” Jesus and embrace the living Christ.

3.  Rethink Mission

This blog is written by Jonathan McIntosh, a man with a passion for churches, cutlure and living missionally.  In his posts, McIntosh writes about church planting, evangelism, Christ and culture, and more.  Recently, McIntosh has answered God’s call to plant an urban church in Memphis, TN.  He is recording his journey in this through his blog as well.

4.  Provocations & Paintings

Timmy Brister runs this missional blog.  Brister blogs on missional living, theology, Jesus, the centrality of the Gospel, holiness, and much more.  He writes with a passion and intensity that exemplifies his commitment to Christ.  He also has an extensive blogroll with a multitude of other online resources for you to explore as well.

5.  Missio Dei Suburbia

This blog explores missional living specifically within the cultural context of American suburbanite culture.  It is written by Matt Adair, a church planter and pastor in Georgia.  Matt’s writing is especially relevant to our situation as a church because he writes from a similar heart and vision.

We hope you enjoy these other blogs and that you will let us know what you think as you read them.


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